Our Programs

Our Plans for the Future Include:

  • Community integration programs to educate already established “neighborhood” programs and businesses to further include children and young adults with special needs
  • Vocational Training Programs
  • Respite Care Programs
  • Post High School Day Program
  • Social Programs for orphaned/fostered children
  • Meal Preparation-Social Programs for children living in poverty
  • Residential Facility for Individuals with varying exceptionalities

With your generosity we can achieve these current goals!

Respite Care - Therapy Program -- Coming Soon

Parents and Primary Caregiver’s need a moment of rest, rejuvenation, or a moment when their attention is not constantly divided so they can complete important household tasks or work to support the entire family. Respite is critical to maximize a caregiver’s ability to continue their role as a primary caregiver to an individual with special needs. This role is critical and requires a significant amount of physical, emotional, and cognitive energy -- intervals of respite provide opportunities to “recharge” and find a balance.

Dream Big, Inc.’s program will also include therapeutically enhanced schedule for the individuals in the program. The program elements will be run by professionals such as, ESE educators, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, physical therapists, music therapists, art therapists, adaptive physical education instructors, behavioral therapists, vocational therapists, and mental health counselors.

Post High School Day Program – Coming Soon -- 3-Year Plan

In the state of Florida, when an individual, with special needs turns 22, they no longer qualify for financial supports to continue their education, therapeutic services, or vocational training. If they do not meet a very specific criteria/skill level, at the age of 22 years old, they do not qualify for the transitional programs (that include vocational therapy and training) available post high school.

The remainder of the population has a choice of institutionalization, staying home with a parent, or some other form of custodial care. Some of these individuals are being placed in nursing homes because their “professional guardians” cannot find any other suitable housing for them. Individuals are placed under the care of a “professional guardian” secondary to the deaths or incapacitating illness of their parents.

Many of these individuals have the potential to be contributing members of society, to build relationships, to be part of a community household, and to continue their education and vocational training with successful achievement of employment. Dream Big, Inc. is fighting against the institutionalization of young adults with special needs and to provide the supports their families need to continue to the battle, for every gain their child makes, towards independence.

Dream Big’s Benefit Award Show

Central Florida’s Talent Showcase is aimed to increase awareness and raise the funds needed for Phase 1, of our new Respite Care program. Phase 1 will provide twenty (20) families respite and therapeutic programming one (1) day per week. The program will run for forty-five (45) weeks per year. Every family registered can use the service, up to twelve (12) times within the year. Our long term goal, for the Day Program, is to fund a full work week of comprehensive services. A three (3) year plan is projected to maximize the achievement of this goal.

Sponsor our most current event focusing on the Respite-Therapy Program, visit Central Florida's Talent Showcase for details.

If you would like to sponsor quarterly social/creative programs or meal preparation-social programs, please contact us for further information: info@supportdreambig.org.

Our Five-Year Plan

is projected to achieve the goal of providing a Residential Center for individuals with varying exceptionalities, who have the potential to participate in gainful employment and contribute to their shared household responsibilities, with the proper levels of skilled clinical and educational intervention, training, and supports.

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We are a charitable organization dedicated to assisting children and young adults with varying exceptionalities in the Central Florida area.

You can help make dreams come true by volunteering your time, sponsoring and attending our events, keeping up with us via our Blog, or simply making a donation below!

Monthly Spotlight

Dear Dream Big Board Members, We want to thank you for the scholarship that we received for our son Danny through the Dream Big Scholarship Fund….

Charity in Action!

Jim Payne truly depicts “Charity in Action”! Jim has served on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Florida among other contributions.

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Central Florida’s Talent Showcase was a success in 2015. Visit Central Florida’s Talent Showcase to learn more! Join us on Facebook for updates on the 3rd annual event, as they happen!