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Meet Mariah and Jose! Mariah is now 13 years old…

You might remember Jose’s first blog entry with us:

When asked why he endeavors to work every year with organizations that support programs for children and adults with special needs, Jose Neme wrote:

Jose and Mariah

I remember the day Mariah was born so vividly. My sister had no indication before my niece’s birth and as soon as Mariah arrived she was whisked away. My sister didn’t get to hold her baby until days later. After emergency life saving procedures, we thought of all the different possibilities before being told Mariah has Down Syndrome. The next step was heart surgery. She was 3 months old. We had no true expectation of what the future would hold, just what ifs’, what now, and no idea what our family was in store for. Since her birth twelve years ago, we’ve experienced so many miracles of medicine, determination, love and countless lessons. Mariah reminds us of what life is about and appreciating what it really has to offer. She fights every day to be a better kid by going to countless therapies, working on improving her basic abilities of reading, writing, and leading inclusion with her classmates. She works harder then I had to, more than you can believe and could set an example for many. Her insights surprise us when we least expect it. Recently our Aunt passed away, our family was devastated by the sudden loss. Mariah was the positive one; she reminded us that our Aunt was in heaven with God and not to be sad. No one expected it along with her strength to keep us positive. When I think of my niece, she reminds me that the World doesn’t need to be so complicated but is because we lack understanding or look past what is truly important. It’s the daily reminders of what’s important that makes our lives complete and what matters most. Our family is truly blessed to have Mariah in our lives to remind us that we are blessed for what we have.

Jose’s story is a personal one and so vividly illustrates why he was spurred to action – we thank him for sharing his story with us and for his service to our community’s children and young adults with special needs.

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Jim Payne truly depicts “Charity in Action”! Jim has served on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Florida among other contributions.

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