Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month (6th annual, launched April 2, 2013) is a month to spread awareness about the journey of children and adults with autism, as well as their families – this journey includes victories and areas of need. By sharing your victories, successes, and needs, you bring “awareness” and spark action that may further celebrate or augment achievement.

Sharing information, about programs and organizations that specifically provide assistance to children and adults diagnosed with autism, with other parents, educational centers, and organizations like Dream Big, is key to raising awareness regarding various ways they can contribute and/or potential places they can seek further enhancement of their family members’ physical and socio-emotional health.

This month, make it a point to share about:

  • Programs you have had success with in the Greater Orlando Area.
  • Funding Resources for equipment, scholarships, therapy, respite care, etc.
  • Spread the word regarding educational or community programs aimed to increase our communities’ understanding, of autism and how to best support inclusion in all public/local events. This also includes, “community helpers” (firemen, police men, emergency response staff) to reinforce their ability to best serve an individual with autism, in an emergency situation.
  • Vocational Opportunities with a business that successfully works with educational/therapeutic centers to provide on-the job training OR open the lines of communication with a business that you think has a great infra-structure to provide job shadowing opportunities and connect them with your school or therapist to pave the way for vocational training with that business.
  • If you work, play, learn with an individual diagnosed with autism –
    • Make it a point to share your positive experiences with his/her family – if they brought you joy, enthusiasm, spurred your creativity, or simply showed you something wonderful they can do, let their family know!
    • Make it a point to educate your own child/children about autism and foster a spirit of inclusion through knowledge.
  • We are blessed to be part of a strong community of charitable organizations helping to enrich the lives of children and young adults with special needs.

    Antonia “Tonina” Llull


Dream Big – Realizing Potentials

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We are a charitable organization dedicated to assisting children and young adults with varying exceptionalities in the Central Florida area.

You can help make dreams come true by volunteering your time, sponsoring and attending our events, keeping up with us via our Blog, or simply making a donation below!

Monthly Spotlight

Dear Dream Big Board Members, We want to thank you for the scholarship that we received for our son Danny through the Dream Big Scholarship Fund….

Charity in Action!

Jim Payne truly depicts “Charity in Action”! Jim has served on the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Florida among other contributions.

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Central Florida’s Talent Showcase was a success in 2015. Visit Central Florida’s Talent Showcase to learn more! Join us on Facebook for updates on the 3rd annual event, as they happen!